Saigon Media's terms of use include:


  1. Use of services: Customers can use the website's services after registering an account and agreeing to the terms of use.


  1. Information security: We are committed to keeping customer information confidential, and do not share customer personal information with third parties without the consent of the customer.


  1. Payment Policy: Customers need to comply with the payment policy given on the website when using the service.


  1. Content and Copyright: All content, materials and products are copyright of the website. Customer may not copy, use or distribute any materials on the website without the consent of the website.


  1. Change terms of use: We reserve the right to change these terms of use without prior notice. Use of the service after the change is considered acceptance of the new terms.


  1. Limitation of Liability: The website is not responsible for damages arising from the use of the website's services.


All of the above terms of use are given to ensure honesty and transparency in the process of using the services of customers at Saigon Media.