The terms of Saigon's privacy policy are as follows:

  1. Purpose of Information Collection: All information we collect is to provide services, manage accounts, process payments and contact customers. Saigon Media ensures that the personal information of customers is protected and used in a reasonable and accurate way.
  2. Scope of information collection: The website needs to collect information to provide services to customers and manage their accounts, the information we collect includes:
  • Personal Information: Includes name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, nationality and other personal information related to the customer.
  • Account Information: Includes username, password, IP address, information about website activity and other information related to the customer's account.
  • Payment Information: Includes credit card information, banking information, billing address, and other payment-related information.
  • Technical Information: Includes IP address, browser type, operating system, information about the website the customer visits, and other technical information.

Saigon Media ensures that this information is kept confidential and used only to the extent that the customer has agreed.


  1. Conditions of use of information: Saigon Media only uses customer information within the scope and purpose previously agreed. Customers have the right to edit or delete their personal information from the website's system when necessary. We comply with legal regulations related to information security and are responsible for protecting customer information.


  1. Information protection: Saigon Media uses other information security technologies such as anti-virus software, network firewalls and other security technologies to ensure the safety of customers' information. At the same time, we also apply strict privacy policies to ensure that customer information will not be disclosed or misused.

However, customers also need to protect their own information by not sharing personal information with untrusted people or accessing the website from public or unsafe devices. In addition, customers should also carefully read Saigon Media's privacy terms before using the service to understand their rights and responsibilities related to the protection of personal information.


  1. Information sharing: Saigon Media only provides customer information to third parties only in certain circumstances such as to perform customer support services, process payments, or provide products or services. service requested by the customer. However, We will not sell or share customers' personal information to any third party other than as specified in the website's privacy policy and applicable law.

If customers do not want their personal information shared with any third parties, they can contact the website to request not to share their information or register to not receive advertising communications. reports or news from the website.


  1. Privacy: Saigon Media is committed to ensuring the privacy of its customers and complying with regulations on protection of personal information. The customer information is collected and used only for the purpose of providing the best service and products to the customer.

We will use information security measures to protect your information from loss, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, alteration or disclosure of your personal information. In addition, the customer's personal information will not be disclosed to any third parties except in the cases specified in the privacy policy and applicable law.

Customers also have the right to request to access, modify, delete or block their information from Saigon Media's database. We will respond to this request as soon as possible and in accordance with the law.


  1. Policy changes: We may change our privacy policy and the use of personal information of our customers. These changes can be made at any time, information will be updated and announced on the website so that customers can know the latest changes..


If the customer continues to use our services after the policy is updated, it means that the customer agrees and complies with the latest regulations of Saigon Media. Customers should regularly check the privacy policy and regulations on the use of personal information on the website to update the latest changes.