The logo design process includes the following steps:

1.    Analysis of needs: First, we need to analyze the needs and requirements of the customer, thereby giving ideas and directions for the design.

2.    Market research: Next, we need to do market research to learn about the industry or field in which the customer is operating, thereby getting an overview and direction for the design.

3.    Ideation: After having enough information, we begin to brainstorm ideas and design preliminary sketches for the logo.

4.    Sketch selection: Next, we give sketches to customers for them to choose and give their comments.

5.    Finalize the design: Based on the customer's comments, we will perfect the logo design to the most perfect level.

6.    Product Delivery: Finally, we will deliver the product to the customer, including the files and instructions for using the brand logo.

To summarize, the brand logo design process is a creative imagination process and requires dedication and professionalism from the designers. If you are in need of a professional and modern logo design. Please contact us.

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